Get Swift and Hassle-free Healthcare Financing with the Digital Health EMI Network Card

In the Union Budget 2020, the healthcare sector saw an allocation of Rs.69,000 crore, with a special focus on the Ayushman Bharat, a national health insurance scheme. Such government initiatives make it possible to extend social healthcare benefits to a larger section of India’s total populace.

However, as healthcare expenditure in India works on a public-private partnership model, it is only reasonable that innovative financing instruments like health cards be made available. Few financial institutions today provide health cards online to make it easy for individuals to cater to their emergency healthcare funding needs. The likes of Digital Health EMI Network Card from Bajaj Finserv come loaded with a pre-set credit limit of high value.

Health cards – An overview

A health card serves as a financial instrument designed to serve with hassle-free funding needed to address the expenses of any medical situation. Available as digital payment tools, these cards facilitate payments at various healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.
Cardholders can then repay the advance so utilized via a health card online in easy monthly installments. It thus allows you to defer immediate healthcare expenses to a prolonged-term, which makes availing even the costliest treatments, and consultations possible for individuals, irrespective of their income stature.

Also, the fact that cards like the health EMI Network Card allow you to avail of a line of treatments and surgeries makes them a preferable option for healthcare financing.

Health card online – Fulfilling hassle-free financing of medical services

Pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh

Digital health cards like Bajaj Finserv’s Health EMI Network Card come with a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. With such cards, it is easier to avail medical services from superior healthcare facilities like multi-speciality hospitals.

You can also avail consultations from the best medical practitioners and fulfill high-end diagnostic requirements with ease. Further, with a health card online, it is now easier than ever to pay for frequent pharmacy bills when undergoing long-term treatments.

A tenor of up to 24 months for repayment

Along with easy financing, a health card also allows you to defer your medical care expenses and pay for it in parts over a long period. With cards like the Health EMI Network Card, this period can go up to 24 months, thus offering the cardholder an extended period to pay for such expenses.

The flexible tenor option thus allows one to avail immediate medical care even though one does not have sufficient funds and defer its payment to a later date or period.

Affordable financing

Availing a health card online is not only convenient but also affordable. You only need to pay a joining fee of Rs.589 when applying for a Health EMI Network Card.

Also, maintenance of the card requires you to pay an annual fee of just Rs.117 if you have not availed any loan via the card in the previous year. Other fees and charges on the card are nominal too, allowing you to utilize it affordably in perpetuity.

One card for all family members

Another of the typical advantages of a health card online that make it a hassle-free instrument for healthcare financing is that one card can be utilised for all family members. You thus do not have to worry about availing separate cards for each family member.

This feature remains starkly different from various health insurance policies that require family members to have separate cards to be eligible for coverage benefits.

Pay for medical bills across India

Financial institutions also provide a wide network of partner medical facilities all over India. For instance, Bajaj Finserv brings its network of more than 5,500 partner stores, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and such other healthcare facilities spread over 1,000 cities. An EMI health card holder can thus utilise it for payment at any of these establishments as per requirements.

These partner stores also bring attractive offers and discounts on transacting with them via the health card online. Cardholders can thus save on their medical expenses via these offers as well.

Pay for a range of treatments, consultations and more

An EMI health card can be utilised to avail various treatments, consultations, surgeries and several other medical services. It is another benefit of these cards over health insurance policies as the latter come with limitations on the types of ailments covered.

Products like the EMI health card also come with instant approval that makes financing immediately available to address urgent medical requirements. Apply for a health EMI network card today to keep financing readily available for various medical facilities and treatments as and when needed.

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