Role of Tesla in the future market of Electric cars

Under Tesla stock news, one of the most buzzing questions among all is, what would be the Role of tesla in the future market of Electric cars and How Tesla will deal with it along with all other traditional car companies.

Many companies work in the field of cars and automobiles. Tesla is one of those companies. This is one of the very popular companies whose stocks and share prices keep moving up and down so frequently. This company was founded in the year 2003 and at that time the company was working as Tesla Motors Inc. But later on, the name of this company got some changes. The Motors word from the name of the company was removed in the year 2017 and the modified name of it became Tesla, Inc. 

The headquarters of the company is situated in Palo, California, US. The prime business of the company is to design, develop and sell automobiles, electric cars. However, from the past few years, this company also started the work to deal with the development, sale, marketing etc for the storage system of electricity and charges for commercial as well as residential campus.

Recently there was news that along with Tesla, some other traditional car companies will take part in the manufacturing of electric cars. Most of the investors and analysts think that it wouldn’t stay long in this field due to strong competition and even Tesla will face a hard time due to so many other companies. However other than them all, One very popular analyst in this field, finds this situation good for everyone. He says that shortly, the number of electric cars would be more than the number of traditional cars. 

Due to so many demands, even Tesla wouldn’t be able to fulfil all the demand and in this condition, the roles of the General Motor will be even more important. He says that at present the GM company has launched its one model of the electric car. This car can run up to 400 miles on a single recharge and while doing so, there would be no effect on the performance of the car. This is a good thing for tesla as it alone won’t be able to provide the number of cars as per the demand. He also added though the market would be used by all the car manufacturing companies, among them all tesla would share the large share of the market which would be around 20 to 25% of the whole market. You can check its balance sheet at before investing.

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